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Chinese medicine emphasizes that to preserve health one must keep in harmony with the laws of nature. Health is directly related to how well your body's complimentary forces (yin and yang) are balanced in the body for homeostasis.

With balance as a guiding principle, Cristina's treatments focus on returning the body and psyche to a state of vitality. Her treatment approach to health considers the whole person, who you are as an individual, your background, lifestyle and how you interact with your environment. 

Experienced Knowledge

Cristina Lang, LAc, EAMP, received her Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and Psychology in 1988. Shortly thereafter, she began practicing massage therapy and has been treating patients with acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine for the last 10 years. She received her Master's Degree in 2007 from the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine. Cristina worked in the field of physical therapy for over 5 years, focusing on myofascial release, movement therapy and rehabilitation exercises. 

Who We Treat

Cristina uses East Asian medicine to diagnosis and treat both acute and chronic conditions. This approach can be highly effective in healing acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries, addressing internal medical issues such as digestive complaints and promoting reproductive health. The fusion of acupuncture and East Asian medicine in our integrated treatments can help alleviate the effects of our fast paced stressful environment, which can often cause sleep or anxiety issues. Whether you’re suffering from migraines or are in need of an occasional tune-up while training for the STP or an Ironman, Cristina’s mix of Eastern and Western modalities can help you in attaining your optimal performance level. 

Modalities of Treatment


Acupuncture, which originates from China, is one of the oldest and the most well known techniques in Asian medicine in which fine, hair-thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body’s surface in order to influence physiological functioning. 


Bodywork techniques range from massage therapy and myofascial release to deep tissue manipulation. The goals of bodywork include treatment of chronic or acute pain, relaxation, stimulation of blood circulation and increased endorphin levels, and reducing muscular tension.



Cupping is a comfortable and effective treatment for many health issues. It is a traditional treatment to cure acute pain and involves placing a glass cup onto the affected area to create a vacuum seal on the skin's surface. Cupping provides deep relief to otherwise hard to reach muscular pain. 

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