The Patient Experience

What You Can Expect

The first session generally lasts 75 to 90 minutes. During this initial intake Cristina will evaluate the patient’s condition, pattern and provide a treatment of one or a combination the modalities. 

Follow up sessions are approximately 60 minutes. These integrated treatments are often supplemented with cupping, bodywork or moxibustion. Cristina will begin each of your treatments with an assessment of your progress to determine your continuing needs.

Patients often wonder if acupuncture will hurt. You may feel the insertion of the needle, which can be described as a slight pinch or light pressure. A dull ache or mild tingling will often follow when the acupuncture point is stimulated. The sensations that come with acupuncture may be strong but they are temporary and many people find them to be relaxing. 

Dietary Recommendations

Patients are evaluated according to their pattern, lifestyle, season and activity level. Types of foods and cooking methods can be advised accordingly.